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We wish you a SUNNY HOLIDAY!


Anastasija Kozlova:
The best recommendation from us would be certainly the fact that we are planning to come to the Apartments Valley of the sun for the third time. It should be noted that we are fond of Montenegro and especially of Buljarica, that's why we were here already four times (2009, 2012, 2013,2014).
In summer 2013 and 2014 we stayed with our three girls at the Apartments Valley of the sun, each time for a month approximately.
We are absolutely satisfied with the hotel service and the hospitality of its managers. The hotel is small, comfortable and very quiet, that is important for the families with small children. It's close enough to the sea, shops and restaurants and has everything  you need for a comfortable stay.
We are absolutely sure you will enjoy being here and maybe return over and over again to Montenegro like we do))))

Apartments Overview

The unique comfort and modern design for our guests to enjoy. 

Number of apartments: 8
Room - one apartment, 0A (reserved for staff only)
Studio - four apartments, 2B, 2C, 3B and 3C
One-bedroom apartment - two apartments, 1A and 3A
Two-bedroom apartment - one apartment,  2A

  • Built in 2011
  • Spacious and functional rooms
  • Bright and very quiet environment
  • Modern furniture and stylish ceramics
  • Wireless Internet, shared laundry machine

Apartments dolinaSUNCA


Buljarica bb, MNE-85352 Petrovac na moru (Montenegro)

Phone: (+382 69) 517-065. Email address:


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APARTvilla dolinaSUNCA

front view
apartments Dolina Sunca

Front view of the villa Dolina Sunca. There are a big courtyard and parking in the front of the villa.

side view
apartments Dolina Sunca

Side view of the villa Dolina Sunca. There is an approach road on the side of the villa.

rear view
apartments Dolina Sunca

Rear view of the villa Dolina Sunca. There is backyard on the rear side of the villa.